About Us

Learn more about our heart and vision.

We are The Youth Project! A group of youth that are passionate about Jesus and music. Starting as a youth group worship team, it wasn't too long before those passions found their way outside of the rehearsed service setlists. So began the process of writing and recording our own music. In the beginning, the goal was to create worship songs specifically targeted towards our youth group services. However, as we progressed in our writing experience, musicianship, and relationships with Jesus, a larger spectrum of reach was placed on our hearts. The gap between popular music and mainstream Christian music always perplexed us. This gap is an issue because our gospel centered music isn't making it out of our "Christian music world". We are called to expand the Kingdom and the only way to do that is by reaching those who have never heard our good news. This is where our ambition is founded on. We feel called to mix our creativity, talents, and convictions in order to create an entirely unique sound. By using authentic and empathetic lyrics that anyone can relate to, accompanied by a combination of all of our various musical tastes and influences, we have created music that we genuinely love. Not holding back on any creative or experimental ideas, we seek to push the limits not only in Christian music, but in music itself. God has had His hand on this project since the beginning and we're beyond humbled that He would even allow us the opportunity to spread His message.

Meet the team

This is Caleb. He is a songwriter, drummer, and creative oversight. He is an endless abyss of out-of-the-box ideas. Caleb carries the team forward with his unyielding vision and pushes every member to be the best that they can be. He plans to fulfill his life long dream of being the Chick-fil-A cow mascot and enjoys jamming out to old Paula Abdul records.

This is Maddison. She is our main vocalist. Madds takes our team to an entirely different level. Not only with her vocal talent that is borderline not of this earth, but also with her sweet spirit and the abundance of joy¬†she radiates when she’s around. She truly gets the heart and vision of this project and is fully committed to the process. Her natural motherly instincts bring comfort but also discipline when we act out of line. She also hates feet and loves dogs.

This is Nathan. He is a producer and songwriter. Nate dogg is a musical prodigy and has the capability of starting a one man band. His dedication to quality and attention to detail constantly pushes us forward as a team. He is the brains behind the sound of our music and this project wouldn’t exist without him. He says everything that comes to mind even if it is absolutely uncalled for and loves his cats despite being highly allergic to them.

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